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Flood Mitigation & Water Damage Experts Toronto

416 Restoration has been serving Toronto for the past seven years. We are an expert in the different cleanup aspects and services.

It is our primary job to deal with water leaks along the use of our state-of-the-art drying systems and extraction services. Our team helps in removing water, drying carpets and floors to restore your office or home. Our service covers both commercial and residential properties. With our team on your side, rest assured that a solution can be provided no matter the size of the job. This is how skilled our team is!

We are here not just to provide residents of Toronto their solution. 416 Restoration is here to surpass customers’ expectations!

We are insured and bonded, and we have our uniformed personnel who are experienced and fully trained. As your team of experts, were are here to offer a set of solutions you might need in the future. You are guaranteed of reliability and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call us now and we’ll gladly give you a quote!



Water Fire Smoke Mold

24 Hour Emergency Team


Disaster Response Toronto

The occurrence of emergency situations is impossible to foretell. Most of the time, it starts with people not realizing it or it happens just when you least expect it. That is what disasters are, which come in different forms. They can be in a form of flood, windstorms, fires and more! But, one thing is certain in such cases; it is vital to be prepared and knowledgeable for unexpected times. Cleanup services are enough in dealing with the serious effects of disasters.

Disaster cleanup is one of the services that 416 Restoration specializes in. We are here to assist homeowners when they face such situations. Our team can help remove water after a flood occurred and get the basement dried up. We can serve as your disaster restoration team you can rely on after a fire. We can help in rebuilding and repairing any damage after a windstorm. Call us! We will be there to help and help you be on your feet again as soon as possible!

Water Damage Toronto

Water Damage Toronto

It is not a matter of how small or big the water leak is. Once it starts, it would always mean of serious damages. These may escalate easily when not taken care of. You must not wait to call 416 Restoration when this occurs. The earlier the damage is fixed, the lower the cost you’ll have to face.

Emergency Burst Pipe

Our team understands the competence level needed in repairing water damage. We understand that the element of water can cause corrosion and encourage breeding of mold and bacteria. There is also an issue about the damages brought by swelling that can result to cracks. Or, they may be danger to water that kept on rising and reaching electrical components. But, no matter what the problem is, rest assured that 416 Restoration has as a solution for you. Our team will start tracing and rectifying the problem. We will even do a risk assessment to ensure the place’s safety!


Mold Remediation Toronto

Mold is one of the most common life forms that can grow within your house if triggered by certain occurrences. In any case, you want to prevent that from happening or solve the problem as soon as it is detected. You can rely on to 416 Restoration during these situations. We have highly trained and skilled professionals who can deliver the best solution to your specific mold case problem. Rest assured that we are always working hard to provide the quickest answers for a cleaner and better environment.

​The approach used by our experts when dealing with mold problems is systematic and methodical. We designed this to remove mold from your place carefully and restore it back to its normal conditions while the risks of contamination already eliminated. We combine our skill, knowledge and training with the right, high quality and safe equipment to ensure the success of the remediation. We have a range of methods that are environment-friendly and can be utilized in removing mold from your place.

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Toronto

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Toronto

Sewage damage caused by clogged drain is a terrible experience. It is not only a big issue; but, it is also a hazardous problem to the health of the family if left for a long time. It is hazardous since germs can grow from it and infiltrate the furniture and walls. This now causes mildew and mold. More than that, there is also a high risk of viruses and bacteria getting airborne. Don’t let the situation escalate, 416 Restoration has always been here to provide the right solution.

You should not even attempt on doing the task yourself. Such problems have to be dealt by professionals with the help of their special cleaners, protective gear and equipment. Aside from sewage clean-up, our team also performs sewage damage restoration. We always have plans on the right course to ensure 100% results. Our team is here to take care of your sewage damage needs from start to end, up to the disinfection part. We want you to be and feel safe inside your own place!

Sewage Cleaning: Sewage spills happen more frequently than anyone might think of. They can occur in homes or yards. When they happen, individuals who are nearby will have to endure the unpleasant smell. Of course, no one wants to endure that smell. Hence, the only left solution is to call the sewage cleaning experts in Toronto.

416 Restoration is one of the companies you can rely on during these instances. We know for a fact that sewage spill are caused by several reasons. Whatever it is, it is always important to call the experts immediately to deal with the problem so that harmful effects can be avoided. As your chosen professional, we deliver comprehensive sewage cleaning services, which includes addressing the root cause and other problems that comes with it. Let our experts do the work for you. Our professionals are all qualified and we only use the best cleansing products in dealing such problems!

Sewage Damage: When it comes to sewage damage, there is no small or big problem. It will still involve costly expenses, especially if the issue is left unchecked. 416 Restoration’s job is to provide an experienced and skilled team in times when one of the residents contacts them.

​We have the right combination to getting your sewage damage problem fixed. This combination includes our skilled team and our state-of-the-art equipment. With this combination, our team will not only clean the affected area; but will dry it to avoid further damage.

As part of our sewage damage solution, our team starts with the complete assessments of the damage. We help in planning the right steps to take for the property owner or manager. Afterwards, we can already perform a professional cleanup. Sewage and removal are among those things that belong under the sewage damage restoration. More than cleaning and fixing damages, our team is here to ensure safety on all affected areas.

Sewage Cleanup: There are several causes that lead to a damaged sewage.  Thus, sewage cleanup is needed. The pipe break, flooding of sea water, bathtub or sink overflow and floor drain backups are cleaned up! No matter what the cause of the problem, always remember that 416 Restoration is here to provide you with a team of experienced professionals who can deal with your sewage cleanup problems. Our sewage cleanup services include clearing blockages from your clogged sewage drains.

As your reliable partner in these cases, we only use the latest of technology whenever handling home or business cleanup jobs along with excellent disinfection services. Our disinfection services cover walls, closets, cabinets, floors along with other damaged surfaces. We can assure you that our sewage cleanup services are comprehensive and cost-effective. 416 Restoration has the best solution for whatever sewage-related issues including spills and drain cleaning. Remember, we serve in the area to help get your office or home back to normal quickly.


Trauma Scene Cleanup Toronto

Traumatic injury, death and hazardous contamination’s are unexpected events that anyone has to deal with. But, these often result to a serious traumatic event. However, one thing will always remain important – the need for quick response and experience that only professionals have. They can offer you a service in handling the aftermath of a traumatic event.

416 Restoration is an expert in helping people rise from their traumatic conditions. We help them relieve themselves from emotionally traumatic task. We can work on a trauma cleanup discreetly and professionally. Our team works hard to minimize the effects of traumatic events among property owners and family members. We also ensure that our trauma Toronto experts can make use of their dwelling place or property in a short time.

We know that this job requires more than just high level of professionalism and dedication. It also requires empathy and respect. Rest assured that all our technicians always answer sensitive questions with skill and assurance.


Vandalism & Burglary Toronto

416 Restoration understands that both vandals and burglars do not care whether they are already taking people’s sense of safety. Worst of all, they often leave a trail of hazardous materials behind them.

Hence, aside from the mess they left, victims are also often left in a harmful situation. Fortunately, vandalism and Burglary Toronto service providers like 416 Restoration is here to take care of these things.

​It is our primary job to provide assistance in restoring the area. Our experts work by removing all unwanted matters that remain after. From visible to invisible matters, we are ready to handle these things. Our job does not only entail cleaning the “scene site”. We also ensure that that the place is ready to be inhabited and is sanitary before we leave and let anyone enter the property. We can repair door locks if necessary, vacuum and remove glass. We can also repair a business place or home back to its pre-loss condition. Whatever is necessary, 416 Restoration is here to work on it.


Wind Damage Toronto

High winds are often accompanied by accumulative and heavy rains. Thus, your properties may be prone to water and wind damages. Never wait until they are repaired and cleaned up. Each hour of waiting adds up to the increased remediation expenses.

​Choose 416 Restoration that offers 24 hour emergency service for you. Our team of experts is ready in minimizing further damages. Adhering to the highest standards of our valued clients, we are doing our best to give the best assessments on their properties. These areas are best identified; and, our level of expertise is enough in handling every level of remediation work.

We understand the psychological and financial toll that major hurricanes bring. It is our job to meet their unique needs. We are navigating your roof systematically and calmly from this devastation.

​In the event that the entire structure is contaminated and becomes wet with insulation and drywall debris, our team is here to assist you. From decontamination and disaster cleaning, rest assured that these are best offered just for you.


Fire & smoke toronto

Let our team at 416 Restoration rebuild your lives and homes. Our experts are trained enough in the basic cleaning and identifying of residues associated with fire claims. The best thing about us is that we offer the best fire and smoke services. We accomplished this along the presence of the most experienced and best employees.

By being updated on the industry-related practices and latest trends, our company has set itself apart from others. There are many benefits that can be obtained from us after they contacted us.

​As there are many residues, these are determined appropriately. Our great understanding in the difference between wet and dry smoke helps our clients further. With our basic knowledge in deodorization, we are able to control the serious effects brought by odor.

​Specific procedures and chemicals are utilized in cleaning acoustical surfaces, brick surfaces, wallpaper, glass or plastic. Ceilings, windows, doors and walls are among those cleaned up immediately. We are responsive and we stick to our commitment to giving you the best fire and smoke services. With keen attention to detail to the right procedures, losses are minimized.

Junk Removal & Hauling in Toronto

Junk Removal Service Toronto

Junk Removal Service Toronto

Junk Removal Service in Toronto For Less!

Our junk removal process is simple, quick, friendly and affordable. Simply call us or book your free junk removal estimate today. We’ll arrange a convenient time for your estimate and offer you the lowest price for junk removal in Toronto.

We Junk Removal just about anything and everything and offer the following services;

Commercial Scrap Removal, Construction Debris Removal Services, Contractors, Eviction Foreclosure Clean out Services, Illegal Dumping Clean Out, Junk Removal Toronto Commercial, Office Furniture Removal, Property Managers, Referral Discount, Retail Spaces, Storage Locker Clean-out Services, Storage Spaces,

Residential Junk Removal Toronto, Demolition or Construction Waste Removal, Mattress Removal, Estate Clean-outs, Basement Clean-outs, Garage Clean-outs, Yard Waste Removal, Old Furniture Removal, Large Appliance Removal, Computers and electronics, Special Event Trash Removal, Weekly Trash Removal


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Toronto

416 Restoration and its team are dedicated to bringing the best carpet and upholstery cleaning in Toronto.

We provide you the highest level of service, both in the restoration and cleaning of your upholstery, carpets and area rugs.

In choosing a company to rely on for the carpets, furniture and area rugs, we are your number one choice. Our core value is on maintaining the attitude of integrity and honesty all the time. Our level of commitment has made us a number one carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider.

​With our years in the industry, our mission is to remain at the forefront of the carpet cleaning technology. Along the use of smart chemistry, we aim to providing the excellent carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning at fairly reasonable costs.

Our wide array of carpet cleaning services is suited to the unique needs of our clients.  Our guarantee is on the complete satisfaction of clients in the upholstery and carpet cleaning. Our certified technicians are utilizing the updated concepts in upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Restore the condition of your carpet and remove the shampoo residue. We make use of the cleaning agents that are proven to be environmentally-safe.


416 Restoration is using the best technology that helps in restoring the damages of electronics, in fire and water losses. Personal computers, laptops, stoves, refrigerators, televisions, stereos and electronics are restored at their previous condition.

​Thus, there are more expenses and replacement costs saved from relying on us. We believe that we are the most effective and best electronics restoration service provider that guarantees complete satisfaction among our clients.

There is no need to pay for disposal fees. We are the most effective and best electronics restoration company in Toronto! We completely understand that businesses and homes have their needs. The electronic restoration is made for your utmost convenience. The electronic devices and equipments are best maintained and hand cleaned by our specialists. We make it certain that these devices are operating safely.
Tell your friends about our excellent service. In the event that your device is damaged, we are just one call away.


Boat detailing is one of our excellent services that give emphasis on the restoration of boats. A complete detail of the program is introduced as part of polishing the vinyl windows, chrome. The vinyl surfaces are also cleaned up and preserved. During your consultation and schedule, our team will discuss it prior to the boat and yacht restoration.

​Owning your boat means maintenance and responsibility. Through our regular boat and yacht restoration service, your boat can maintain its value. Our experts are here for you, utilizing the most advanced cleaning supplies. You are assured of the long lasting finishes.

Our boat and yacht restoration is the best service from other companies. We see to it that that guaranteed satisfaction is met among our valued clients. Take the higher level of service from us for the complete maintenance of your boat and yacht. Expect for more years of service on your boat and yacht.


For your high end cleaning, 416 Restoration is trusted by many clients. Using only the best systems that adhere to the standards of our clients, these allowed us of providing the excellent dry cleaning service. We understand that homes have their unique dry cleaning needs. Thus, we make it a point to provide only the efficient dry cleaning service.

​Clothing apparels are deodorized completely that complement the price they pay to us. With our dry-solvent based deodorant, the clothing becomes fresh and anew. We are using dry solvent deodorants because these are proven in eliminating problems like dye bleeding, circling and shrinkage.

Another system that our firm utilizes is the electronic deodorizing system. This is known to employ the ozone gases. In fact, this is proven to be more effective than the previous one.

With these systems, our clients choose us better than other companies. Especially those who suffer from allergies, they can rely on us more.


Demolition Toronto

For an easy and fast demolition service, 416 Restoration is ready to remove, demolish, dispose and haul anything. Providing all-inclusive commercial and residential demolition, clients are most assured of the best service that covers up the first and last step of the project.

​Forget all demolition contractors, we are a professional service provider that guarantees you service at the lowest possible prices.

The pricing is not an issue because our team is always ready to give a free estimate. Thus, you can be happy with our service and price. Clearing up your space is handled the best by our team. In the event that removing water or fire-damaged structures and contents is needed, call us and we are ready to help you.

For the utmost protection of the property and materials, we are trusted in regard with this matter. All of the repairs are done at the soonest possible time.


Deodorization Toronto

Homeowners understand that the source of foul odor is their furry friends. Even the best dogs and cats may wreak havoc on the upholstery. Apart from stains, the odor coming from pets is a big issue. Cleaning urine smell is a frustrating and challenging process. This is why 416 Restoration offers the best deodorization service.

​Our objective is on reducing the odor around the house. The odor brought by the fluids is eliminated by the use of a deodorizing fluid. This helps in killing and penetrating bacteria. There are a lot of chemicals, procedures and techniques that can be utilized. We are dedicated in using only the best deodorants for the complete deodorization process. The procedures are followed consistently for the permanent, effective and fast odor elimination.

Our deodorization service is different from other companies. This also removes all odors such as pet stains, and the like. For your refreshing and improved home, 416 Restoration is there to help you.


Mechanical Hygiene Toronto

416 Restoration is dedicated to offering the mechanical hygiene-related services for homeowners. Handling and supervising the many different mechanical components, we never disappoint our clients in the past.  Until the present, we are their premier choice in this matter.

We are insuring detailed estimates and evaluations. In the past few years, we have been aware of the duct cleaning needs of our clients.

Our team is ready to help you in handling inspection services. These include and before photographic documentation. Apart from it, sanitizing and cleaning of the conveyance systems are done properly.

The process of cleaning the air conveyance systems is made easy. We also offer other services of replacing existing filters along laboratory testing. With the best staff around, air quality monitoring and testing is carried out for the needs of clients.

​Through our dedication in the service, we are on top of meeting the mechanical-hygiene needs of our clients.

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